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Originally Posted by RobQel-Droma
^Exactly. I agree with Hallucination too, as I said, Korriban/Dantooine are just part of the KotOR games. You can't really find a good replacement for them.
C'mon Rob, you must be kidding. With all the planets in the Star Wars universe, I can't believe that you, of all people can't think of better worlds to conquer than the same old dead a$$ planets. The only thing worth exploring on Korriban are the Sith tombs.
...uh, did that already.

Dreshdae sucks bantha privates, and the rest of the planet is as barren and useless as Tatooine. ...don't get me started on that.

As for Dantooine. UHHGGG! How many kinrath should I kill the next time I go there. Or will it be Kathhounds this time.
Please, I need new challenges.

OK, maybe I'm a little hard on these worlds, I'm just a little sick of them.
Then, how about a side quest that takes us there, or something really brief.

I can live with that as long as the main storyline quest has us feeling like we did when we first picked up Kotor. New, fresh, unexplored planets and our eyes full of wonder.


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