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Mid fired into a group of Imp starfighters and moved around the explosion. He was waiting for the other Jedi to join the fray so he could get past the skull fighters. He blasted and tried out a few other missle commands, but he was getting used to the machine. True, Eptima made sure that all of the Jedi knew how to use them but the only time he had been in a starfighter not made specifically for Jedi was a skull fighter that he stole under commander Dyce Fondoa's command in order to rescue his fellow Jedi before Niaj Qad blew.
Mid tried out some long-range explosives in aim at the sensor relay points. He lined up his targeting monitor with the tracking system and fired. The shot was off by a mile! The missle went in a complete and totally different direction, crashing into the armor of a GSfighter. Mid hadn't even payed attention to where he was shooting. Mid slowed his fighter down so he could turn around. He was thinking of what happened on Niaj Qad, of how Phinius had slain the monster responsible for its destruction. A red beam swiped right above Mid. He was less than 200 yards away from a huge group of skull fighters. "Aaah!" he cried in frustration. Why couldn't he concentrate?
Mid flew his corefighter backwards and sped off toward the Mothership. How did the Empire find the alliance anyway?
A rebel soldier took him out of his trance. "Sir, a Sith Jedi has boarded the Mothership and is killing our soldiers!!"
Mid sucked in the shocking news and risked a higher burn to get to the ship faster. He flew right into the docking bay and commanded his ship to land. He didn't even wait for his ship to touch ground before he thrust himself out of the cockpit, flaring his lightsaber. A dual lightsaber was slicing through soldier after soldier, menacing and mercilessly. A blade that only belonged to Zion Romantix.

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