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There was many ships that tried to stop the box from heading towards the capital ship, but the 86th battalion was a determined, persistant, and powerful battalion, even in the air. They seemed to know just where their comrades were and moved into postions that would help them out. Bac mainly stayed out of the fighting. His objective was to stay alive and destroy the capital ship. Every now and then he'd help out, but only if the battalion was in desperate need of his assistance. The battalion still probably wouldn't have made it had it not been for the stray fighters that were picked up to help them. The last defense was a considerable group of fighters that launched out of the capital ships hangar. Not only that; though, but the turrents on the main ship was killing us out there. Eventually, Romul and his top two fighters told me to go on and they would follow to give a distraction. The rest of the fighters would fight the ships to keep Romul, Bac, and the two other fighters protected. They finally swirved out of the fighting and made it inside the capital ship.

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