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Phinius saw the Jedi get out of his ship but not stop to try and persuade him to leave. He imediatly had to block one of Zion's attacks.
"You are already doing better than the others" said Zion
Phinius stepped back and twirled his lightsabers
"I see you are a master now"
Zion launched into another attack. This time Phinius was less lucky. Zion caught one of Phinius's blades and struck it in half. The orange saber flew out of the ray shield and the two halves floated uselessly in space. Phinius raised his Purple blade to deffend himself. Zion kicked Phinius in the stomach and Phinius fell to the floor. He jumped back up but immediatly hit the deck as another Skull fighter was flung across the hanger. Phinius force pushed Zion threw a door and followed. Zion was ready. He hit Phinius in the face with the hilt of his blade. Blood spurted everywhere. Phinius was blinded by the blood but wiped it off. He slumped against the wall as Zion kneed him in the stomach. Zion slashed at the walls and pushed Phinius threw. Phinius fell threw the wall and down a small shaft. Above he heard an elivator moving down. ZIon was standing in the corridor watching. Phinius raised a hand weakly and attempted to stop the lift from crushing him....


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