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The elevator stopped a few inches away from Phinius's face. It was then flung up into the air. Phinius heard it hit the top and then hurtle down again. He managed to stand up. When the elevaotr was just above him Phinius spun around with his saber in the air. The elevaotr hit the bottom. Phinius had cut a hole and had gone into the inside. He stumbled and grasped the wall. He felt a rush. Zion had thrown it back into the air. The elevator crashed once again at the top of the shaft and Phinius hit the ceiling and dropped onto the floor. Once again the elevator dropped, it hit the floor with sutch force Phinius was almost knocked out cold. The doors made a small bing and opened.Zion was standing there lightsaber ignited looking at Phinius.
"Going Up?"
The elevator shot up. Phinius jumped up and iginited his lightsaber and attacked. Zion blocked the wild slash easily and forced Phinius against a wall. The elevator made a noise and stopped. The doors opened and Phinius force pushed Zion out threw the doors. He followed limping.....


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