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Scur made his way down the hallway of the Star Ship as the sirens were blazing. He walked into the bridge and felt Phinius needed help. Zaran was in the hangar as Scur walked in preparig his starfighter. Scur headed over to Zaran, "Hey Zaran we need to help Phinius since he saved from the suffocation in space after the destruction of Niaj Qad. Prepare your ship for departure and follow me."
"Yes, Master." he said as he half-way climbed up the ladder to situate the cockpit.
Scur walked over to his starfighter "Ready?"
"Yes it is"
Scur climbing the ladder into his starfighter and readyed the controls. (comlink)"Ready Zaran?"
(Comlink)"Yes Master Scur."
(Comlink)"Ok on our way to the capital ship." Scur said as the two ships hovered then blasted out of the hangar and into space.

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