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Phinius struck at Zion witth such force when the two blades collided a burst of energy erupted making the walls around them crumble. Phinius blocked Zion's attack and then continued to parry with him. Zion kicked out and Phinius backed off. Phinius used force heal and regained the use of his right leg. He was still badly hurt but it hurt less. Phinius jumped up in the air and kicked Zion in the side of the head. Zion barly flinched. Zion looked into Phinius's eyes and grabbed his foot. Phinius's body fell limply down but was then thrown up as Zion started to spin. He spun several times gathering speed and then let go. Phinius hit a wall and slid down. Phinius got up slowly
"You always were a good fighter"
"You were always an arogant brat" spat Zion
Phinius nodded
"I wasn't arogant I just belived in my own abilities. SOMETHING YOU NEVER DID!"
Phinius flew at Zion and attacked. Zion started to smile. Phinius had to calm down or he would also fall to the dark side....


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