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While the jedi were busy, Bac Rueben and Romul rolled past the battle. They walked inside the door to find a few Civic pilots manning the turrent controls. They slowly pulled out their pistols to not diturb the pilots and fired upon the pilots. Two fell, but 3 more got up and fired. Bac rolled to the right behind some boxes and fired on the one closest to him. He was hit in the head and died instantly. The one next to him fired at Bac, but he ducked and was missed. Romul, meanwhile, didn't have such luck. He strafed and fired at the same time, but the pilot hit Romul in the shoulder. Romul fell, injured, but fired on the pilot. The pilot was shot in the chest and killed instantly. Bac finally popped up to see that the last pilot pointed his pistol at Romul. Bac aimed and fired, hitting the pilot in the leg and dropping him. Bac rushed towards him and knocked the gun out of his hand, pointing his pistol at him.

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