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Phinius landed a nasty blow on a control pannel and a door slid open. Zion backed into it. Zion glanced at the control and force pushed a dead body into it. The door slid closed and Zion and Phinius were seperated. Phinius heard a buzz and tried to unlock the door but it was stuck. Phinius sat down exhausted. He breathed heavily and focused. He used force heal to heal himself some what. He stood up slowly and ignited his lightsaber. He closed his eyes and raised the door using the force. Zion wasn't behind it. The light above where he had been flickered and died. The onlt light was the light from Phinius's lightsaber. Phinius entered. The door closed behind him. Phinius focused. Zion had hidden his presance and Phinius could not detect him. Suddenly a red glow filled the space behind Phinius. He turned but it was too late Zion had already struck. He sliced a deep wound into Phinius's back. Phinius choked and spat up blood. His vission blured. He went onto his knees. He gripped his blade and turned suddenly taking Zion's leg clean off. Blood sprayed the wall. Phinius fell onto his back on the cold floor and gasped in pain. He backed away. He left a trail of blood. Meanwhile Zion was cursing. Zion screamed and a new mechanical leg came out from where his old one once was. Phinius almost threw up. Zion stood up smiling.
"You think you can beat me?"
Phinius screwed up his face in pain and stood up.
"I don't think. I have to"
Phinius learched and hit the floor. Blood was everywhere. He gasped for breath. He tried to focus. He felt the wound in his back heal slightly. He struggled onto his feet again. But faced Zion determinatly and swung....


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