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Darth InSidious' WIP

Woo! I finally started one o' these!

So...things I am working on.

1) Rhen Var (TSL)

Since looking at the awesome job Darth333 is doing on her learning-the-force mod, I have re-thought this mod yet *again*. Now, you will land at the Rhen
Var spaceport, and be given the task of finding what happened to the expedition to Ulic's tomb sent by the University of Koros Major/Cinnagar (is that right?). Other than that, things will proceed as previously planned, 'cept something rather different with the people you'll meet, and I intend to re-assemble the tomb using different rooms from different modules (most of them from 711KOR, if I can position them right). This should speed the mod up a little (in theory).
Screen one of the new re-skinned tomb
Screen two
Older screenshots:
2) Recruit Darth InSidious version 2.0
Numerous bugfixes, increased dialogue, and a new sidequest + weapon planned.

3) Weapon Packs for KotOR and TSL
Take a look and see:
The gladius in the second screenshot is a WIP at the moment...
I know there's not a lot of weapons there, but since I'm modifying stock models it's very difficult to come up with inspiration. I was thinking about combining the sets of weapons to create a bigger one for each game, but that's probably porting, so I'm chairy about doing it until I've been told categorically that it doesn't count.

4) Korriban Duelling Arena
I did a little work on this some months back, but not much since. I should get back to work on it at some point. Probably once (if!) Rhen Var is finished.

5) Nar Shadaa for KotOR
Brainstorming still. I'm thinking of using the Taris Slums/Undercity/Davik's estate/swoop track etc to build it.

6) Drumond Kaas for TSL
Again, still in brainstorming. The Dxun modules would be re-used for it.

7) Jedi Academy Coruscant (TSL)
VERY iffy about doing this. If i *DID* do it, it would probably comprise 262TEL, 950COR and 610DAN. Still thinking about it, I make no promises about this mod.

And here's one of my favourite silly screenshots, which I call "SUPERMALAK!":
Mods Released
That's what Control said.

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