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Ahhhh... What Now?

I know its against the rules to make a 2nd account, but hey... i got multiple emails and multiple ips... (so basically im signing up ona different ip). But Let me ask you something...

I was banned again, for what? saying i wasnt gonna continue modding until the FULL Game is out? and due to being Banned by a moderator? HELL I WAS EXPRESSING MY OPINION DUDES!!! WTF WAS I BANNED NOW??!?!?!.


can u please get back to me, as i am getting aggrivated... i didnt do anything wrong in fact, i kept it all "CIVILIZED". why was i banned?


Feel free to ban me on this account, it was just to send out this message... as i cannot access my private messages to obviously see the 1 message i was notified via email about.

*EDIT #2*
One of the Moderators in my Recent Post, Said The Following.
Please don't complain if you never even gave us a chance to know what we are doing wrong. It is quite insulting that you use our forums and yet call us asses. If you don't like it, than stop coming here. End of story.

I Apparently called the Moderator Asses... god these guys just keep on comming up with stuff.

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