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The Empire's Revenge

This RPG is partof a strange history and it is rather farfetched. A Jedi has changed time and it seemed to go well until the a riff in space amerged. From this enemys from various paralel universes entered. Among them are many Dark Jedi and Sith. The Empire pounced on this oppurtunity and manged to convince the outlaws, dark jedi and sith to fight with them. The rebels are stretched out across the Galaxy trying to stop this madness. A rebel transport has managed to engage a Star destroyer near the riff in an atempt to close it. Onboard the star destroyer are many of the sith warriors. They have learned of a few powerful Jedi that still exist around the Galaxy and are hunting them. The basic plot is:
You are either part of the combined forces of imperials and sith or a rebel. Your job for either side is to do as much damage as possible to the enemy fleet and try to close the riff or keep it open.

Fill in this basic Character Info:

Ship (If any):

I will post mine later...enjoy!


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