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Arca was running down the corridor as fast as he could.
Damn, He thought, Wish i had a jetpack on me.
Arca stopped short. Something was wrong. He looked up ahead and saw a door. The control panel to it had been destroyed by what looks like a lightsabre. Oh crap, He thought as a shiver went up his spine, Jedis.
He ran to the door. He could hear the light buzz of lightsabres and noises as if people were bouncing off the walls or something. He felt something in there. Even any mortal non-jedi could feel those medicloreans in there. One of those jedi was really powerful.
Arca knew he couldn't just stand in the middle of the corridor like this. Using his powerful legs he threw himself up to the ceiling and climbed along the poles, Approaching the door from above. He dropped down. He was thinking what to do when a squad of civil empire soldiers marched down the corridor, heads high.

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