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Name: Arca "Shifty" Wolfe
Age: 17
Birth place: Kamino
Occupation: Bountyhunter
Stature: Unknown, People say hes a bit on the short side.
Weopens: Telekenetic glove (crushes things)
Vehicles: Whatever is avalible
Bio: After his parents were killed by jedi, He hitched a ride on the nearest out-bound ship. The jedi killed that ship (beliving it was carrying supplies for its enemies) and killed some of his friends. after crash landing in a strange planet, A sith found him and nursed the dark side in him.
Angered that that sith uses the powers of jedi, He tried to kill him, after a bit of fighting that involved a lightsabre mark in his back, arca finally did kill him. Then he set off again, Now hating both sith and jedi.

Put your fear behind you where it belongs, then blast everything in front of you into splinters. You'll do fine - Jango Fett

Smart people are weak. Because they don't need to be strong because their smart enough not to fight. - Me
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