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Thanks, I'm trying something new, one that I've observed from my favorite movie and book and see if I could give it a slightly future-like, Star Wars like look. I'm trying the view of someone growing up during conflict and in a world filled with hate. The plains are on the planet Mikkado in the Avalonian system. I'm trying to paint a better view of the people in the system. For you I say this: The Avalonian system has five planets, the system being named after the lead planet, Avalon. The other four are Andorra, Mikkado, Sorus and Belos. This was an intro into JC's character and what influences who he is. More will be revealed later as JC grows older, and when I finish the chapter on my computer. Later it will switch entirely to third person. Kind of like a person telling a story. Thanks for the input.

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