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Arca knew he had to get off this ship. But he had to kill those jedi and the sith. Instead of heading to the door opposite of him, he headed towards the bridge. He had an idea...

Finally arca got to the bridge. He checked the transmitters and found one undamaged. He said "This is Civic Capital Ship SS-01 to Frigate 12-0R, Hello?"
"This is Frigate 14-P2 whats going on?" Replied the radioman.
"Jedi are destroying the ship. Just me and my men are left." Arca lied. "When need you to destroy this ship, Theirs no hope for it. We'll find a way out of here. The...erm.. sithlord is dead. And i repeat, you need to destroy the ship."
"Your order has been accepted." The radioman said after a pause. " You have approximitly 5 minutes to get out of their before the gun turrets fire, over."
At that Arca left without repliying.

Put your fear behind you where it belongs, then blast everything in front of you into splinters. You'll do fine - Jango Fett

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