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The Growing Unrest in the PS2 SWBF2 community

Dear LA

I am sure you are aware of the growing unrest of the PS2 SWBF2 community.
I am posting these messages across the forums not to draw people to are cause but to maybe draw intrest from someone in public relations or higher up to this problem. I feel that this problem would be resolved if not the severity of it would lessened if the people that work on the patches and or public relations would actively seek a solution or an agreement to this problem.
Many clans and people are paying for server's for the PS2 SWBF2 community to use. This is fine but are server's are being over run by new people wanting to play this game. This is causing a problem with our game play as clans. We can no longer play on or own servers because there are to many people online and no public servers. If we lock our servers then there are not many server's for people to play on.
Many people are also upset that the PS2 ver. of SWBF2 never has received a patch to fix tech issues. While in fact Xbox and PC versions have received many patches. I am aware that patching a PS2 would be harder than the PC/XBOX due to the lack of hard drive. I think that the whole mater of the patch would go way if we were to receive some sort of verification that one is being work on and maybe an time table in witch I would be released.

If you feel that is post is in the wrong place or is in violation of any rules Please delete, Lock, etc...

Thank you
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