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(hurray im finally ending this ship battle)

Arca flew back and forth off the walls in impossible speeds only avaliable to his Unknown species and jedi. He saw a sith walking through the ship and... Jedi following him? Arca kept up behind them at a safe distance. His mind wandered and was full of questions as he did so. Was the sith and the jedi allies now? Maybe they were all jedi and they just had an argument?. Then a thought struck him: What part of the ship were the stupid imps going to fire at?
Arca looked outside a window: They were in low orbit around a familar planet. Another thought struck at him again: Was that the planet my C.R.O.W.s (see my entry) were stationed on in case i failed? And another thought: Maybe the jedi and the sith were going to crash land on it. Then they would continue fighting and my men would be in danger... The colour draining from arca's face as he kept following...
Then his thoughts were cut short as he shivered: Now someone was following him. Must have been the other jedi he sensed. So it was a following game was it? The jedi followed the sith and Arca followed the jedi, Another jedi was following arca. Or at least someone with the powers of a jedi...

There was 3 minutes to destruction

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