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Juice looked through the space window to see the spce battle that had been going since yesterday. There had been many ships falling from orbit but one that had its engines blown and was slightly smoking was the one he was on and the one different from the others. Juice could feel jedi and sith presences on the ship. There was only one sith presences and at first he could feel many jedi presences... but most of them disappeared now.. meaning they died... Juice coul even feel the presence of a semi-jedi, a jedi who refused ro belive of his powers. Juice only knew one of those type and that was Arca Wolfe.. but he couldn't possibly be on the same mission as hime twice. Juice was hired by a rebel Admiral to kill a sithlord by the name of Zion Romantix. He was even in the same room as all the jedi, the sith, and the semi-jedi for a long period of time, All that time Juice was using an old Mercenary Acadamy tactic of staying on the ceiling. Juice grew suspicious of his theory that it might be Arca on this ship as the semi-jedi did that same tactic. That semi-jedi was probally noticed by the sith and jedi. Luckily Juice had a power that not many jedi have; to not only disappear in the force but to disguise the non-presence of himself as something else, in this case, a recon droid watching from inside the pipes.
But after the jedi had a few clashes and dramatic talks (lol) with the sith they left, talking about half the ship blowing up but being able to crashland it and them heading to the bridge.
Now Juice was following the semi-jedi by using a tactic he figured only jedi,sith and people of Juice and Arca's species: Jumping off the walls back and forth at Astonishing speeds. Juice groaned when he found out something that confermed Juice's sispicions: The Semi-jedi (Arca, He now knew) was using that same tactic.
Hatred pouring through him because of Arca ditching him on tatooine (or so he thought), He used Force speed to excellerate his jumping-off-the-walls tactic, And then caught up to arca. With speeds making him barely visible to mortal eyes he wiped out his lightsabre, activated it and swung it down on arca...
Arca turned around and threw juice back using his stupid telekenetic glove.
"I knew i felt another jedi presence in that darked out room back there". Arca murmered
"Shutup and lets get on with it, fool" Juice snapped back. And whipped his lightsabre around, Nearly catching Arca in the foot.
"Fin-- Arca didn't get the time to finish because two surviving jedi ran into the room (not any other chars) obviously to see what the racket was about.
Arca, Angered that what seemed the interpution of the utter defeat of his old friend, Telekeneticly threw one jedi against the wall and exploded another jedi's head in a explosion or blood, brains and bones. Arca quicked Telekeneticly pulled a jedi's lightsabre to him, activating it.
"Now lets forget that little interuption ever happened and get on with it." said Juice.
"Indeed." Replied Arca. And they started expertly swinging at each other but each other blocked each attack they threw. They bounced off obsticles and every time Juice's Black stolen Jedi lightsabre and Arca's New lightsabre collided. Finally Juice turned off his lightsabre and threw Arca's Lightsabre against the wall, Turning it off to.
As Arca called his lightsabre back to him said "Do you know that this ship is gonna go boomy-boomy in 2 and a half minutes?"
"Yes, I was the one who tricked the imp idiots into doing that"Arca replied, Caustious.
"The sith says that only half the ship will blow and their going to just let this thing drop to the planet below, Then fight continue there."Juice said slowly."Maybe we should do the same".
Arca thought for a moment then tucked his lightsabre on his belt and said."Agreed".
They set off bouncing of the walls down the corridor again towards the bridge...

There was two minutes till the destruction of the ship...

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