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(I'm getting my chars off this damn ship now)

Their was a great groan of the ship as it broke in half. Juice was starring out at the window at the dying space battle as Arca awoke...
Before Juice could do anything, Arca activated his lightsabre and took a swipe at Juice's back. Juice screamed out in pain then activated his own black lightsabre.
"So thats how you want to play is it?" Juice swung back, Taking Arca's finger off.
Then they stopped catching each other off guard and once again matched each others attacks. They kept fighting without saying anything intill juice turned his lightsabre off and said
"Catch me if you can" To arca, And when flying off the walls down the hall.
Arca growled, Turned off his lightsabre and took off after him.
Juice used force speed to gain speed moving along the halls and finally reached the part where the ship broke in half.
"Race you down there" Juice said. Juice put his rebreather in his mouth and back flipped off the ship to the atmoshpere below.
Arca did the same. they fell down at speeds so fast they were just a blur to anything. They had no jetpacks, no parachutes to land. No jedi or sith could do this. They had skin that burned easily in the atmosphere. People of Juice's and Arca's Species had metals as bones and their skin was tough as titanium (Not tough enough when it comes to a lightsabre). Juice could feel his body heating up and friction daring to burn him up to nothing.
But he was going so fast the atmosheric entry was only 15 seconds long. He knew if raised an arm it would only break off. they reached speeds at a thousand miles per hour and then they hit ground.
It blew a 2 deep holes and 2 small craters in the grounds in the long flat valley they landed in. They both lay curled up in those 2 holes suffering from lack of energy. Now when they did that type of maneuvre in Mercenary acadamy their would be people ready to pick them up. But this time they just had to suck it up.

Put your fear behind you where it belongs, then blast everything in front of you into splinters. You'll do fine - Jango Fett

Smart people are weak. Because they don't need to be strong because their smart enough not to fight. - Me
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