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On the landing pad, at that point I'd only just started work on it. Now (as I work on the placeables...The horror!), I'm onto my fourth day of work on it. Does anyone know the names in the drop-down box for the octagonal cylinder and the plasteel cylinder, or the name for the hexagonal doors used on the Droid Planet? Ta.

I'm having real problems with my attempts to add another room to this module, namely 711kore. In theory it should work, but whenever I load the module in-game, the walkmesh isn't there, even though its in the override folder.

Some more screenshots for y'all:
The landing pad before latest update
The landing pad after latest update
...After, slightly different shot
A top-down shot of the landing pad.
HK-47 posing.

The tomb, empty
The tomb, with furniture, looking in
The tomb, with furniture, looking out
A fight with a ghost (also showing off RedHawke and Maverick's masterful Prestige Class Item Pack [apologies])

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