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357) While taking a shower you ask yourself why there's no bathroom on the Ebon Hawk.

358) While thinking of 357) the following dialogue pops into your mind:

Mission: Carth, can we take a break soon? I really need to go to the toilet. And this geezer should definitely take a shower, he's smelling like the wrong end of a Wookie.
Jolee: Hey, you brat, I heard that!
Zaalbar: {yowl growl yowl}
Carth: We're just out of the traffic jam and I want to reach Manaan before rush hour.
Bastila: Well, I wanted to buy the toilet from that Rodian...
Carth: You can't be serious! How can we even know what a "Baragwin Assault Toilet" is supposed to do? Even the Trandoshans were afraid to use it!

359) While listening to one of Kreia's lectures you ask yourself, if it would be good or bad, if her lectures started more like "Let me tell you a little story. I was a young and beautiful padawan on Dantooine with long blonde hair and every boy in the area wanted to invite me on a cup of juma juice..."

360) While trying to sleep at night, you ask yourself if female Jedi wear a sports bra or if the force...
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