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The small craft streaked into a remote system in the Outer Rim. As it left hyperspace, it was greeted by a desolate system. The star in this

system had long since grown into a supergiant, eradicating all life in it.

As desolate as Dantooine.

I watched the screens for nearby systems, and found a system that had one planet that teemed with life: The Sol system. It seemed pefect:

The inhabitants all lived on Sol III, and none of them had ever seen beings from off-planet. The populace was entirely human, like myself,

and they were few in number: Only 7 billion. There was only one problem...

No hyperspace routes.

I knew how dangerous scouting new routes was. Many who tried did not return. But I knew that I had to get to this system before I ran out

of fuel, and I was going to try. Then I remembered that I was a Jedi-to-be. I reached into what I could of the Force, and a possible route

called to me. I made the jump...

* * *

The jump was successful. I came out strikingly close to Sol X, however. I made it to the fifth planet when I realized that I was completely

out of fuel. In an effort to reach Sol III, I made a roundabout of the planet to speed up my craft. However, the intense gravity nearly tore

apart my craft, sending chunks toward the dense atmosphere.

I reached into the Force again, and managed to escape by threading through the trecherous asteroid field. Finally, I made it to Sol IV. I used

this planet to speed up my craft, and I got sent to Sol III by centrifugal force. However, it was far from smooth piloting after that. At the

angle I was approaching Sol III, I'd be turned into a fireball. I tried to slow down by rounding Sol III, but that proved too much strain for

my brittle craft. In order to keep the thing in one piece, I hurtled into Sol III's atmosphere on the opposite side I approached on.

I fell a long ways with my craft, but I had enough time to turn my crash into a spark-throwing skid, and I lept out of my craft just before it

exploded. The local government was already there to see the "fireball" hit the ground. When I explained what happened, they sealed off the

entire area to protect the area from unfriendly eyes. They deemed it Area 51 and forbade anyone from going into that zone.

In the meantime, I had to go into exile, blending with the population. I knew I needed to continue my Jedi training, but too much use of the

Force could attract the attention of the Sith. Donning jeans, tee-shirts and smaller shoes, I became part of the planet's population. A family

agreed to take care of me, and because of my age, I was placed in the school system.

Nobody would suspect I was a Jedi in training. I showed anger. I showed fear. I showed hate. Enough that if they knew I was Force-Sensitive, they'd think I was a Sith instead of a Jedi.

But it was all a lie. Because I felt none of it.

I never understood the point of fear, hatred, or anger. It seemed so pointless. But I acted the part beautifully, and I learned about the planet. The inhabitants call it "Earth" and the government is split into 190 divisions, and they constantly quarrel. None of this fact, however, appeared in the daily lives of the citizens. I had to act nonchalant about it as well, if I was to remain hidden.

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