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I did exceptionally well in school, but knew that the limited education offered by Sol III came second. In small amounts, I trained myself to use the Force. Not like a Jedi Master, but enough to be considered a Padawan. I never did two self-classes near each other in time. Disturbing the Force in this way was very dangerous, for even the smallest Sith invasion would be fatal to me.

Now that I was a Padawan, it was time to carry the weapon of the Jedi - the lightsaber. I had access to the pieces, if I crafted them together into the correct pieces, I could possibly craft a working lightsaber.

Finding the crystals would be the big challenge. To my surprise, however, I found that diamonds, if properly placed, could equal a Force-sensitive crystal. The diamonds could me much smaller as well, and would make a well-focused blade. I traveled to the Arkansas region, and gained access to some large diamonds. They had no real value on the market, I was told, because of imperfections in it. These "imperfections" was the fact that they were not going to be a pretty color. I didn't care. I got large quantities of the stuff, and attempted to assemble my lightsaber.

The first attempt failed miserably. The saber didn't even ignite. I tried rearranging the basic layout of the saber's interior. After hours of working, I closed it up, and pressed the button.

The explosion was heard in houses across the neighborhood.

* * *

After several such attempts, and several visits from the emergency workers and the police, I finally created my blade. Activating it produced a long, silver blade that glistened and pulsated with energy. I had finally done it. I had finally created my own lightsaber.

Of course, I needed to learn to use it effectively. There were no such classes on Earth. Not even in most of the galaxy, actually. So I signed up for the next-best thing: Swordsmanship classes.

It was vigorous, and invigorating. I soon mastered the saber. Now I had to master the lightsaber, which was still going to be difficult. Also, I needed to gather news about the galaxy. So, I attempted to build a droid that would be capable of defending itself, but would also be good at speech and creative thinking. There was only one model out there that even remotely fit that description.

The HK series.

Countless attempts were made. HK-52 blew up before I could speak to it. HKs 53-78 were no different. Finally, I was able to create an HK droid that worked - HK-100.

As the last piece clicked into place, my creation spoke.

"Self-Observation: My body appears to have been made from forged alloys that will withstand tremendous pressure or blaster fire. My circuits are perfectly strung, my motivators are at 100% potential. It seems that my creator has done a good job constructing me."

I looked at my creation, and he saw me. He understood perfectly what was happening: He had just been 'born'.

"Query: Is there someone you need killed, master?"

Ooookaaay, I thought, this droid may be trouble.

"No," I replied, "I need you to gather information on recent events in the galaxy and report back. Specifically, I would like information on what has become of the Jedi on Dantooine, and the Sith who attacked it. Also, information on Dantooine itself, and what has happened to the settlers there."

"Statement: As you desire, master. I shall return." With that, he blasted off on the pre-installed jetpack I had created. I had done this because I had no ship, and needed information quickly.

In the meantime, I trained myself further in the Force. I learned to levitate multiple objects and create a whirlwind with them. I learned the art of Stasis, and the lightsided version of lightning, Disable Droid. I also mastered the art of affecting minds.

Not very advanced, but these were skills I needed to have. It had been three years since my escape from Dantooine.

* * *

About 2 1/2 standard months later, my HK droid returned. "Statement: Master, I have all the information you requested that I find."

I turned, and asked him to join me in the sitting room so I could comfortably listen as he told his tale.

"Recitation: I traveled first to Dantooine, as you requested. I thank you for installing that miniature hyperdrive within me. It makes my behavior core glow when I think about my superiority to my predecessors!

"The Jedi Academy was in ruins. The structure was basically intact, but the entrances were sealed. I was forced to blast a hole in the wall and enter that way. Inside, I found rotting corpses everywhere.

"You programmed me to recognize the Jedi Masters if I saw them there. I did not. I did, however, find your friend's corpse in the main chamber. I buried him under the stump of the tree because I knew of his importance to you.

"Speculation: It seemed likely that in spite of what you saw, the Jedi Masters Vandar and Zhar survived the brutally efficient attack. I searched, but found no corpses of them.

"Continuation: I interviewed several settlers. They have moved into the Matale estate and call it 'Khoonda'. The first one I told that I was representing a Jedi, and she refused to talk. It seems that paranoia has struck the settlements.

"I talked to the leading official, who said that one robed figure mentioned Katarr. So, I traveled to the planet to find more information.

"Statement: I there found the two Jedi Masters you believed dead. They refused to relate to me how they survived, but after I explained I was there on behalf of you, they said that they are planning on holding a Council meeting there."

I thanked him, and he went to shut down for the night. I stayed up late, reflecting on this strange news.

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