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(sos I havnt posted in a while of been on holiday)

Phinius stumbled as the ship gave a huge jolt. Zion had disapeared from view and now Phinius was in complete darkness.
" going" Pinius managed to gasp. He continued to walk down the dark passage and eventually found the bridge. The space battle outside was crazy. Ships everywhere, explosions and Phinius could even hear the sreams of the men who were being killed. Phinius tried to block these noises out. he knew he could only hear this becasue of the force. He screwed up his face and almost weapt. He fell to the floor. Zion stood in a corner staring at his old pupil.
"You now what I mean?"
Phinius ignored him
"See what the Jedi have casued?"
Phinius sobbed over a control pannel
"Some Jedi you are....A Jedi is not supposed to have the feelings you have"
Phinius stopped in time to say
"I hate you" when the ship gave another jolt and the ship ripped in half...


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