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After another year, I sent out HK-100 once again to gain information on the Jedi Masters, and any recent cataclysmic events in the galaxy. It was not very good for a Jedi Knight to be stranded so. But the only way to get off-planet would be to build another ship, and that would be difficult at best.

Yes, I recently attained the rank of Knight. Not that anyone knew about it; I simply felt in the Force that I had grown up some more. It was an excellent feeling, to be strong, and yet it felt good to help. I was widely known as a helper who would always give his strength to others.

Unfortunately, it would soon be a day of trials.

On day, in a local High School, I was minding my business when a classmate threw an eraser at my groin. I showed a lot of anger as I hurled the eraser back, hitting him in the head. Of course, the anger was fake. But he didn't know that.

He charged me, landing a kick on my chest. I flew back, but landed on my feet. I was no stranger to hand-to-hand combat, and began my counter. It wasn't difficult to overpower him, and he fell. Then three of his friends joined the fight. And soon he did again. Outnumbered 4 to 1 I had no choice but to add the Force to my fight.

Using the Force first to speed myself up, I faked a straight right to a dual strike on both sides. Two noses on the left and right broke and they went back, reeling. After that, I used the Force to add strength to my attacks, and a light kick became a powerful jab to the gut. Another went down. My original opponent was the only one standing at this point. He backed down.

But too late. Having been forced to use the Force, I knew I had just signaled my position to the Sith. I felt it in the Force.

They were coming.

* * *

I was being interviewed by police officers when I suddenly got thrown into a nearby wall. I had always kept my lightsaber clipped to my right shoulder, and now my saber slipped out of its holster, clattering to the floor beside me. Grabbing it, I threw myself into a ready position.

At the door was a tall figure. He was in an outfit I knew too well. Tight gray coverings covered by stitching of jet black, and a black hood that covered his head and a mask that obscured his face. His eyes were as black as his hood. Boots of equally jet black were the final complement to the black double-hilt he had clipped to his belt.

"Ah, a pleasure to see you again," he said, and his voice made the others shiver. But not me. I never had understood fear, anger, hate, or rage. But something about him was unsettlingly familiar.

"'Again', you say?" I retorted, "I've never seen you before in my life!" If only I was as confident as I sounded of this.

"Ah, but you have seen me before," said the Dark Jedi. He was clearly savoring this moment, the moment of recognition. "Back, seven years ago... on Dantooine!"

I got up in time to see the Dark Jedi plunge his blade three times into my friend's chest. He fell to the ground, got up partway, and collapsed, dead.

The blank stare, his look at me before he fell...

It was in this moment, this dark day, that I understood fear. And anger. Hate. And rage. And also revenge.

I understood them because I felt all of them.

Without a pause to get ready, my lightsaber ignited in mid-jump as I attacked this murderer. This assassin. Wildly I hacked, and slashed, and cut. It was forcing back the Dark Jedi. My fury had him bavked into a wall.

Or so I had thought.

Of all things, he smiled at me. A whipcrack of the Force sent me reeling back, cursing the whole way. Police opened fire on the Dark Jedi, only wo be cut down by the double-blade. Then he looked at me.

"Surely you remember how it feels to be pushed back?" he asked, mockingly. I got up, ready to kill. And I charged again, adding kicks and punches and Force powers to the mix. At random a desk would slam into the Dark Jedi; other times a sharp kick to the knee. I finally backed him down to the ground, my lightsaber pointed at his throat.

I was ready to kill, finish him. But as I readied myself to strike, I remembered that I was a Jedi.

Not a Sith.

I brought up my blade, and backed off. My anger was expended. I had felt it, and knew how to ensure it would never come back.

He, on the other hand, was filled with rage and shame. He picked up his saber, and pushed me to the ground. My lightsaber scattered across the floor.

"You have lost!" The Dark Jedi said, "and now I will finish what I started seven years ago!"

"Statement: You Dark Jedi seem always to underestimate the HK droid. That will be your downfall." HK-100 was back, and he whipped out a Sith Assassin rifle, pointing it at the Dark Jedi.

I simply stood back as HK drilled the Dark Jedi. Finally, a Power Blast got him in the head while he blocked a shot to the chest. He fell, dead.

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