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I like this idea

Name: Viper
Age: unknown
Birth place: Unknown
Occupation: Bountyhunter
Stature: Tall
Weopens: Duel rapid fire blaster pistols, blaster rifle, armour
Vehicles: Custom Arc-170, Slave I
Bio: After his parents were killed by jedi, He hitched a ride on the nearest out-bound ship. Viper was good friends with Jango Fett before his death. Viper Joined the republic as a volunteer. During the battle on Kashyyyk he changed sides after learning that the chancellor wanted to change the senate into a empire. He then led the CIS remnants into battle against the empire until the CIS remnants were destroyed a few years after the birth of the Galactic Empire. Viper then joined the Rebel Alliance but disapeared in his first mission.
RPGS - Operation: Hours, Broken Wars: Kashyyk Defence, Mygeeto, Dark Times


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