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I knew as well as HK did that Dark Jedi are rarely alone. And this was no exception: I felt dozens of Sith Troopers disembark from a small transport. There were several strong in the Force, and I could only assume they were Dark Jedi. I drew my lightsaber to me, and HK readied his blaster for the huge fight.

The school had several buildings and the main building had two levels. I was on the second, and it would be a hard fight. I also felt the truth that civilians - perhaps children - would die at the hands of these Sith schuttas.

Instead of taking the stairs like non-Force users, I lept down the length of the stairs to the side entrance below. Through that door, several Sith Troopers emerged and drew their blades. Then they couldn't move, trapped by my Stasis Field. I cut through all of them, but none fell. I retracted my Stasis, and body parts flew, with their movement suspended by Stasis until removed. I then went to the main entrance of the school.

Dark Jedi were there to meet me, and blasted a Force power I had never seen before: A fireball flew towards be. Dropping my lightsaber, I quickly created a shield with the Force. The shield surrounded me, and so did the flames. I was engulfed, but the flames began to swirl around me like a whirlwind. The flames dropped to the floor and disappeared. A black ash stained the floor around me, but not inside my shield. Picking up my lightsaber, I charged all three of them.

The first had one saber, and he was damn good at it. We whipcracked for a good five minutes of unstoppable fighting before he was struck down. Then the others - one with a double-hilt and one with a longblade and a shortblade - attacked in unison. HK was able to assist, and the battle was considerably shorter than it could have been.

I walked out the front entrance, and saw in the parking lot a group of Sith Troopers at the ready. Combat droids also joined the fray. Soon, I was outnumbered 35 to 2. And I didn't even care.

Reaching deeper into the Force than I ever had, I asked the Force, Will I survive this conflict?

The Force answered, Yes.

So, I charged them, cutting left and right. Taking them by surprise, a swipe cut down 4 Troopers at once. Filling the gap, the others pushed me back. Occasionally one would fall from HK's assault rifle. I then lept behind the group of assailants and surprised them again. However, as the battle raged on, I began feeling tired, and my ability to fight decreased.

A savage kick from a droid of all things sent me flying and landing hard against the asphalt. I couldn't even get up, I was in too much pain, and the enemy was advancing! But I knew I would survive. I trusted the Force completely. Then, a clear voice rang out from the side:

"I was on my way to Dantooine and thought I might be able to get you out of trouble... again."

It was Vrook. Charging the enemy's center, he decimated the enemy forces until there were only a dozen left. Standing next to Vrook, we held off what was left of the assault.

Vrook turned to me, and I said to him, "I haven't had time to get information from my HK droid. Can you tell me how the meeting on Katarr went?"

Vrook turned stony cold, and said disapprovingly, "You ought to have opened your mind to Katarr. Had you not been so self-absorbed with your own training, you might have felt the atrocity commited at Katarr.

"Katarr was destroyed by the Sith. Most of the Jedi are dead. Are you so deeply wallowing in self-pity that you did not even feel the deaths of the Jedi Masters, Knights, Padawans?"

I had no answer for Master Vrook.

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