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Vrook continued to stare me down. It has a familiar sight. I recalled all the times he had saved me as a small boy on Dantooine. When my friend and I were ambushed by Kath Hounds, it was Vrook who came to our rescue. When two settlers plotted to kill the first Jedi they saw, and saw me first, it was Vrook who stabbed their sword-hilts.

And, the Force told me, he was the one who sent in your young friend to rescue you, almost seven years ago.

I was only eight years old.

Forced to see a friend die at eight years old.

It was almost too much to bear. But Vrook didn't let up. He knew I was contemplating my past. "Don't dwell on your past. We must focus on the here and now."

"Very well," I told him, "What should we do next? I do feel it is time for me to leave this planet. But where can I go? Other than here, Dantooine is the only place I know."

"Get on board my ship. Inside there is a single-passenger ship. Take it to Telos, and help in whatever way you can with the Ithorian's attempt to restore the planet. I will head to Dantooine and try to help restore the planet to its former beauty."

I ached to go to Dantooine, to see old battlegrounds, old places.

Old friends.

Vrook sensed this, and said, "You cannot go to Dantooine. It would break your heart. You have the potential to become a good Jedi. Seeing the Academy as it is would cause you to seek revenge.

"Could you at least see the grave of my friend?" I asked him. But I already knew what his answer would be.

"What for? Does he contain some secret that needs to be unearthed? We cannot focus on the past, young Knight. Let him go. He is one with the Force... and he has been assisting you since you left Dantooine."

I thought back to all that I had done. I had done extraordinary things for a boy, having piloted a broken craft to Earth's surface, having trained myself...

"It is impossible for a Jedi to train himself. It was your friend all along who showed you the path to enlightenment. It was he who made you stop when you were ready to kill his murderer. It was he who made it possible for you to construct your own lightsaber."

I was stymied by this. It all felt right, it all made sense. But I shocked myself by saying, "Why should I just believe you like this? I'd need proof of some kind to accept that."

Vrook looked at me again, and a faint smile appeared on his face - a rare prize. "You have grown since I last met you. Distrust is wrong, but so is your former eager acceptance. However, if you feel through the Force, you will know that what I have said is no lie. Do not be ashamed of the fact that you had help. A true Jedi is never alone."

I felt this fact in the Force, and it gave me new strength. "Come," said Master Vrook, "I can guide you in making a proper lightsaber, instead of the one you carry. It is crudely made."

I held my ground on this point, and refused to give in. "This blade was made by both myself and my friend. I cannot lightly abandon it. And it does work perfectly."

"For how long?" Vrook challenged. "That blade may soon quit. I am not saying to destroy that blade. By all means, keep it! I am saying that you should have a blade that reflects you. That blade reflects your friendship."

I agreed then, and made a second blade under Vrooks direction. My hilt was simple in design: Merely a silver-ish cylinder. But inscribed on it were the words Light, Hope, and Justice. My blade used a green crystal, and others focused the blade.

"Well done," said Vrook. "Now it is time for us to get gonig, and part ways."

Soon, in space, two craft diverged, one going left, toward Telos, and the one on the right going to Dantooine.

The crafts jumped into hyperspace.

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