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My craft streaked out of hyperspace. Gliding toward the planet, I saw what was once a beautiful planet. Now a barren waste, I made my way to the floating orbital platforms. My computer read to me: ARRIVING AT CITIDEL STATION: DOCK MODULE. I coasted into the docks. Airlocks kicked in, and the room was quickly pressurized.

As I left the craft, I was approached by several security guards. Not having done anything wrong, I politely bowed and greeted these soldiers. They asked of me, "You're the Jedi, right?"

"I am a Jedi," I replied, "but whether I am the Jedi or not depends upon whom you seek."

They replied that they were looking for me. Or rather, that Lt. Grenn wished to speak to me. I accepted the invitation and met Lt. Grenn at Entertainment Module 081. I bowed to the lieutenant of the Telos Security Force. He was curteous to me, but wanted no small talk.

"I heard that a Jedi was coming to dock here, but I didn't believe it. Now that I see you in person, I'm a little surprised that the Council would send a boy to help out. They must believe this is no big deal. We'll see how good you are, I guess."

"There is no Jedi Council," I replied sadly, "all of them were wiped out." Except Vrook, I thought to myself.

If Lt. Grenn cared about the fate of the Order, it didn't show. "No matter. We'll get you to Restoration Zone 203 immediately. Chodo Habat has some work he needs a Force-wielder to do. He wouldn't give specifics."

Soon I was on Telos' surface. The shields, I learned, were the only thing keeping Telos' now poisonous atmosphere from killing the life I saw. And I did see life. It looked more like a greener version of Dantooine. Plains, ridges with grassy tops, grazing carnivores... almost like home.

I was brought before Chodo, who brought me to an area that several Ithorians had mined. He explained that they were carving a path to a good location for a new shield generator. However, the rock was quite impermeable. He ordered the detonation of the explosives. About 20 charges detonated, but only a few standard inches were gained.

I knew what he had in mind. Igniting my lightsaber, I melted a hole deep and big enough for the charges to have better impact. It was the beginning of years of service.

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