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Post Post your clan details here!

Post here your clan info here people ho are looking for a clan can compare clans thay want to join
please keep it ontopic
and use the table below to explain your clan

Clan Name:
Co Leaders:
Clan Email:
Story aboud your clan:


Clan Name: -]RedCell[-
Site: Http://
Forum: *on the site*
Leader: Nokill
Co Leaders: Hunter, Chaos, Sparky, Vile, plazma, splinter etc etc...
Clan Email:
Story aboud your clan:
RedCell is a former DarkForces clan that started out in late 1995.
after jk2 came we started to go over to that game and we have played that for a long time and we also moved on to jka then after a year of that we expendet to battlefront 2, Call of Duty 2 and republic commando and now we will also expand to Empire at War
well we already have a few members telling thay whan't to join the team
and we hope to get some more


Site: Clicky
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