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(just make up a planet name like UggaBearhugcuddles)

Juice was shaking uncontrollably.

As he shaked, He looked around with his unfocused eyes. Where was he? Juice thought he died in the former-valley-now-wasteland. Once his eyes focused he saw a figure standing infront of him in pure white robes.
"Greetings." He said as if they were long lost friends. "I am Tyuak Caatic. The other elders of time greet you too."
"Wha- Where am I?"Juice replied.
"You are in the Gap of time." Tyuak Simply Replied.
"What the hell is a Gap in time?" Juice said, Confused.
"THE gap in time." Said the white robed man. "This is where those who have lost their souls go."
"WHAT???" Juice exclaimed.
"You, My friend, Lost your soul when you used your anger so powerful you tore an entire countryside apart." Tyuak Replied, Chuckling to himself.
"You shall be brought forth in front of the elders to see if you deserve to go back to the Mortal world."Tyuak Smiled.
"Ya whatever, Lead on."Juice said.
"My pleasure." And Tyuak went through a pure white door like the room around them.
Panicly, Juice felt for his lightsabre. It was still there. Relief washed over him.
They entered another white room. In it sat other people in white robes. The elders.
"My fellow elders, I have brought yet another lost soul before you."Tyuak said, His powerful voice echoing in the room.
"Hmmm." One powerfully built elder said. "This one is of great importance in the mortal world."
"Let us test him." Another elder said.
On que, Someone entered the room.
Juice filled with anger and threw himself at arca, drawing his lightsabre. But the lightsabre was no longer there. He noticed but kept running at arca. Preparing to kill with his rough hands if he had to.
Then when juice was so close, Arca disappeared. Juice banged into the wall headfirst like some hallucanating idiot. He looked around hungryly like one of felucia's carnivore animals.
"Interesting." Tyuak said.
"Indeed." An old elder said. "We shall return him to the mortal world as the forever angry mortal he is. The dark side will wash over him, But that is not of our concern."
Tyuak said "We shall be seeing you around Mr. Flowe." And the world flashed back to him.
Juice was standing near the downed spaceship he jumped off of. His lightsabre was there again, and he was wearing a Mandalorian Helmet and a cape. The dark side had taken Juice Flowe.

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