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Originally Posted by russx
TAB player screen:
Completely useless when you want to check the scores out. This needs to have the teams on seperate sides of the screen in order of score. This also needs to be available to look at while your having to wait to spawn.
Enemy red dots show up on map. If you can already see the enemy why have radio commands for enemy spotted, etc.
Get rid of being able to see the enemy players on the map. This make the game too easy, less strategy, too arcadey and doesn't appeal to the mature population.
Spawn screen:
You miss out spawning if you cant press the spawn button fast enough. Why you cant just press the ENTER key instead I dont know!! When you die you should automatically start counting down and should only have to bring up the spawn screen when you want to change class or spawn point.
Target lock (press Q):
Ok this is needed in space but this is not required in ground combat. It basically is an exploit. Keep pressing Q everytime you need to find someone easily. Even if they are hiding behind bushes etc. Stupid idea.
I totally agree with russx!
For Tab player screen, nothing more
For mini map, show us friend instead foes. It should be useful for choosing where to spawn, or who's talking for example...
For spawn screen, (or change class screen) the ENTER shorcut should be great, reducing the changing class time. An auto countdown with the same class in the same spawn point should be a mistake because the spawn's wave can spawn you too fast for choose if you want to change...
For target lock, LA must forget this stupid choice.
"I can't see my foot" said an ewook in an other thread, so please LA, reduce the clipping...
"Engineer is superman", so what change can LA change? The ability to walk on and desarm mines? No, it's a great idea. I suggest reduce a bit the damage whith distance or maybe change weapon to a pistol, letting it for an extra class. Or maybe change ammo/bacta distrib with the ability to heal/recharge others only... I've got a preference for the extra class idea.
I think super pistol is great (sorry zerted!), because it's difficult to get this award. Endurance is not so great, i'd preffered energy decrease slower or regenerate faster...
Watch for bug report too... invisible wall, can't respawn bug, sound crashes, my friends can't even play with DVD version and patch 1.1...
Please LA, consider those kind of post for future patch and for the good of humanity!! (lol thanks LA)

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