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(Same. You can control my character some what and yeah lets take it easy)

Phinius ignited his blade and blocked Juices's attack. Phinius fealt calmer and more powerful. He swung at Juice but missed. Phinius made his center of gravity as low as possible and dived at Juice, who lost his balance and fell. He got staright back up and turned breathing heavily...

On top of the hill that overlooked the crash site the elder Jedi stood watching the battle. He smiled to himself and chuckled. He turned and came face to face with a man.
"Your plan will fail Jedi" he whispered
"Zion will not be confided in those walls any longer"
"Ah thats what you think lord...sorry I didn't catch the name?"
The sith lord smirked and raised a blade
"Kill me if you must but spell if you like, will not be lifted until the boy comes to defeat him"
The sith lord moaned and stabbed the Jedi in the chest. The Jedi fell to the floor and lay still. The Sith Lord known as Nekx screamed in fury and hatred and approached the battle below to kill the Jedi who stopped Zion from completing his job...


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