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(I was thinking maybe we could have 2 battles at once. Phinius and Juice, and beside them, My elder and your sith. Gotta love my mountain)

Juice sprang back at Phinius and slashed at him at astonishing speeds for a 17-year-
old but Phinius blocked everyone of them. Juice was angered that this jedi could block every move he made. (using the force) he lifted a massive piece of ruin from the temple and threw it in Phinius's direction while it flew towards Phinius, Juice summoned the force and anger shot from his hands, In the form of lightning. Sith lightning.

Vai was sitting on a grassy hill above the battle, Legs crossed. He was meditating, It helped clear his thoughts and sharpen his focus. Vai was calm and knew that his time to interfere would come soon. Another approached.
"Ssssitttthhh." He stretched out the word. Erai, One of the 6 female elders, Had talked about battling a sith lord when he landed on her planet and killed her parents and her village people. She killed that sith but did it so angryly she lost her soul. Like Juice, she was so angry she blew the entire countryside apart.
"If he interferes with the battle when he comes, I will have to stop him." Vai said. "Elders and Sith lords are equal. But noone knows that."
The sith lord was approaching and was in natural line of sight. Vai shifted to the sith lords right and concentrated on a mountain. The mountain rumbled and lifted off the ground like some rocket. Then he forced the mountain sideways. The mssive chunk of rock was above the sith lord. Vai let the Mountain drop.

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