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(I love the idea of the moutain. ANd good idea about both battles too. I tilt my hat to you...well I would If I had one)

Phinius sliced the huge chunk of rubble in half and it fell around him. But he unable to dodge the lightning. He screamed and fell. When the lightning stopped he gasped for air. He got up shaking and calmed himself. His new maturity made it possible for him to think logically about this new foe...

The mountain dropped. But before it hit the sith. It crumbled, as if it was scared to touch the sith lord. Nekx turned to Vai.
"Elder, you dare threaten me?"
Nekx's black cloak rippled in a non existant breaze. He withdrew two lightsaber and waited for the elder to act. He did nothing, so Nekx continiued to talk
"Your blood be upon your own head then if you should try and stop me from killing the Jedi"
He ignited the two blades which where both as red as blood and stepped towards the elder....


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