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It's War!!
Imperial Probe droids were sent to parts of the galaxy to spy on incoming information about a clan war. The Imperial Defense Force and ISS have declared a state of war in the Empire yesterday February 24, 2006. With two games already played, iDF owned them horridly. Check out these great screenies taken from our two matches today. Now this war between ISS and iDF stands at 2 and 0 favoring iDF.
I think this is VERY and i mean VERY Unprofessional of you guys. Where did you get this info from iDF??? I would like to give you some info to this so called "owned" matchup. This match was a scrim hosted by the iDF|. It was a last minute scrim that i was reluctate to even do. Now to say owned and we are at war is alot to say. Also we have played more then 2 matches and the iDF havent shown there SS of there loses! We are not at war anymore. The iDF prevoked us because they couldnt get a match with any other clan on the net. Next time when you make headline news consult both clans or at least KNOW your facts.

Im mad that im even writing this to you guys
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