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Phinius turned around and grabbed his lightsaber. It was damaged but not beyond repair. Phinius twidled with it it fizzed and turned on. He smiled.
"Sentimental Value"
Phinius turned it off and put it under his robes. He spun around and kicked Juice in the head. He then flipped onto the ship and jumped off. He landed a punch and soun around.
"You are no match for me, give up and I will spare your life"
Juice growled. And charged at Phinius. Phinius dodged and tripped Juice....

Nekx swung at Vai but he dodged again. Nekx slid down a slope and was feet away from Phinius. Phinius looked directly into Nekx's cold grey eyes.
"You..." Phinius gasped
Nekx shot Vai a dirty look and ran at Phinius. Phinius dodged his attack. Nekx spun his blades around. Phinius took out his lightsaber and ignited it. Phinius was out numbered. He had no idea if the sith lord was in league with Juice. He looked at both of them and then up at Vai.
"What's going on?" he asked Vai


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