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Nekx screamed as Phinius was flung away. He growled and elbowed Vai in the face and almost took Jucies's head off in anger.
"You Fools!" He said through gritted teeth
"You shall now feel the wrath of the sith!" He screamed
As lightning bolts shot from his fingers and engulfed the two other fighters and he smiled...

Phinius landed heavily. He got up. He was fuming. Those two had no right to do this to him! He was a Jedi Master! If any one had a chance of deafeating the sithn it was him!
Phinius breathed heavily and sat down to calm himself. He closed his eyes. He opened them as he heard a scream.
"What now?" he said, exhausted
he turned to see a young girl
"What's wrong?" he asked
She was looking terrified.
"J-JEDI!" She said pointing at Phinius
The girl screamed and ran off. Phinius layed back down.
"Strange girl" he mumbled. Phinius felt cold all of a sudden. He sat up and looked around. The grassy hill he was laying on was now surrounded by mist and fog. He grabbed his lightsaber. He felt te darkness consume him but fought against it. He saw a dark shape move into his field of vision. He recognised the man. It was the figure that had saved Zion from Niaj Qad. Phinius realised. Nekx was a decoy. He wanted Phinius to thrown out of the way of the other two. Nekx was stopping the others from interfering with this fight. The Old sith seemed to realise what he was thinking and said in a horse voice
"Nothing will penetrate this mist of darkness. We shall not be disturbed. Not even the "elders" from the "gap in time" can penetrate this place"
Phinius watched the figure withdraw a lightsaber
"Let's skip the formalities Im going to kill you anyway" he said laughing slightly
He ignited the blade and waited. Phinius did the same.
"Who are you?"
"I...I am the sith"
"What do you mean?"
"Let me show you"
the figure said stepping towards Phinius....


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