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Thanks! I look forward to finishing it too!

Some pictures from the latest work I've done on the Tomb. Please note that some of the rooms shown may not appear in the final version.

Not much left to do here (I hope!), except some placeable jiggling, a few puzzles need to be installed, and I need to double-check the room lightmaps/textures and put them together as a unique module (rather than replacing bits in 262TEL's .lyt file!).

Also, I think I have discovered the reason for the room problems I experienced before. It seems that it happens regardless, should you decide to alter the number of rooms in the module layout. Same goes for the doors. Rather than deleting and re-instating rooms, I suggest that in future, rooms names in the .lyt are replaced. I haven't tried it yet, but I suspect it might just work.
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