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Once the gunship was firmly landed on the ground, Alpha Squad unloaded and secured the area. There were no hostiles in their general area, but Niner could see motion on his HUD sensor.

Niner and his squad ran straight for a cliff wall, in order to get some cover for their six. They scaled the wall until they came to a cave. In went a EC gernade, quickly followed by the members of Alpha Squad.

When Niner entered he quickly scaned the area for hostiles, but there was nothing but a handfull of sparking droids, laying motionless on the cold floor of the cave. "Let's move on," Niner ordered his squad.

Alpha Squad continued through the cave until they came to some stairs. Niner crawled up the stairs while the rest of his squad gave him cover. When he got to the top he peered down the scope of his DC-17. There appeared to be a command post overlooking the main battlefield. Niner motioned to his squad to follow him.

"Any suggestions?" Niner asked over their short range comlink.
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