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Viper heard something an turned. A droid was standing there looking from the Jedi to Viper and back again.
"Don't worry about him worry about yourse-"
Too late, the droid was taken out by a sniper. A shot almsot hit Vipers foot and Viper backed away into the cover. He got out his blaster pistols and left the Jedi to his own devices. He jetted up to the sniper and hit him around the face with his wrist attached blades. The blade cut deep into his helmet and blood spurted everywhere. Viper pulled back and looked around. The CIS was loosing ground fast. He spoke into his wrist comm.
"I need more droids here ASAP!"
"Yes sir, there is a several garrisons heading your way"
Sure enough droid carrier after droid carrier arrived. The droids deployed and set to work. Viper wiped the blood off of his visor. He stepped back and watch the droids kill clone after clone. Viper jetted down and lead the assualt one a landing area. The droids advanced killing. Those who fell were not noticed. The droids over whelmed the landing zone and captured a clone commander. Viper knew there was no cause for a celebration one landing zone of so mnay meant nothing. He motioned the droids towards the museum where he smoke rising. Viper himself jetted towards the main command post and saw the clint of clone armour. Viper Ordered a few droids to turrets and not to fire until he gave the word. He smiled
"Alpha squad you should know better than this"
Viper jetted up towards them but stopped. He knew Alpha squad was heavily armed. He walked towards their position....

(Just to let you know Viper used to be a republic soldier but turned on them and joined the CIS)


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