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The situation obviously called for a standard room breach, including a couple of stun gernades and electrostatic shock detonators, along with a few well placed bolts from the DC-17 to clean things up. Niner always liked to ask his squad in case there was a better solution.

After assessing the situation, it was decided that they would stick with standard room breach. In went the gernades, once again followed by the commandos. Niner saw the bright flash of the gernades going off, but quickly shook it off and lined up his shots for the cleanup. There was nothing left but a bunch of droid scraps and a few organic commanders on the floor with plasma bolt holes in them. Once the command post was secure, Niner finished off the the wounded enemies with his vibro blade.

Then Niner rushed to the window to look down on battle unfolding. This was the perfect point to set up a command post. "Alpha, contact the advisor, tell them to send some reinforcements to these coordinates. And take out your sniper attatchments," Niner barked.

And the snipestorm began to rain on the Sepratists.
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