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Name: Xan 'Ace' Orokk
Age: 36
Faction: Rebel Alliance
Class: Captain
Weapons: Blaster Rifle slung over back and blaster pistol in holster.
Ship (If any): The Dagger's Edge (a small Rebel Frigate currently being shot out of space)
Bio: 'Ace' is a veteran within the Rebel army. He moved up the ranks from a lowly fighter pilot to finally become Captain of a Frigate. He is seem among his men as a strong leader and a revolutionary fighter.
Ace sits at the bridge of his ship, suiting up as his ship is currently being boarded.
Ace: Come on! We can't take any more hits like this! Pilot, evasive... pilot...??? Someone get down there and take his posistion, I'm going to the com room, we just lost signal."

Once he arrived at the comroom he found the soldiers all over the room, thrown around by a blast. They were all dead. He pressed the com-link button sending out a distress call. The ship was going down. There was no response, the sensor relay was out.
Ace: DAMN IT!!! Bridge respond... (no response) BRIDGE! RESPOND!"

A sound can be heard in the background "No please... please! AHHHHH (the sound of a lightsaber slash is heard)"
Ace: DAMN IT!!! This is it... time for heroics... Xan pull yourself together.

He runs towards hanger bay 2 on the starboard side of the ship where one escape ship is held. The intruders landed on port side. Along the way he stops at walkway above a fuel tank, placing a group of thermal detonators with a timer of three minutes. Once he arrived at the hanger bay he got into the fighter ready and prepped to leave. One thing wrong... a fuel leak... and with under a minute to go.

Darth Willo: Sorry to dissapoint you Captain.
Ace: Damn you Sith. I'm afraid I have little time for your kind.
Willo: Oh I agree. I have little time for you too. Step out of that fighter so we can get this done quickly.
Ace: 10...
Willo: 10??? A bizzare strategy. Care to explain why you are doing mathematical sums.
Ace: 5...
Willo: Wha...?
Ace: 4...
Willo: His engines are firing... blast him...
Ace: (engines start and ship rises slightly) 3...
Willo: Ready...
Ace: 2...
Willo: Aim!!!
Ace: 1...
Willo: FIRE!!!!!!!

Suddenly the bomb goes off blowing the fuel tank, flames rip through the ship heading towards the hanger, all the imps. thrown off by the explosion drop their rifles. Ace flies out the hanger and just clears the frigate as it blows killing Darth Willo.


With fuel low Ace is forced to land in the nearest docking bay... aboard the star destroyer...
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