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Jax re-grouped with Viper Squadron and they started their run.
"This is it boys. We are going to cover Jax's and Rezillo's run to the hanger. We will then pull up. Got it?"
"Copy that V leader" the group said
"Right lets go, all wings in attack formation"
The B wings did so. They attacked tie after Tie but there was so many of them. But Viper Sqaudron wern't the best B wing pilots in the rebel alliance for nothing. They dodged and swerved. Jax looked into his computer. He could see the star destroyer hovering near the riff. It was just out of danger of being sucked in. Jax felt darkness surround the ship. He knew on-board the ship was something evil. He didn;t know what it was. With the amount of parralel universes there were for all he knew it could be an evil Luke Skywalker or even himself as a sith. He shivvered. He had to focus.....


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