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It was okay in parts at the time. It had some really frustrating jumping puzzles and Padme was a terrible character. The graphics are pretty dated now, but at the time were decent. It was cool hearing from Zanzibar about the behind the scenes development of the game and his giving us his side of the story.

But yeah, today I wouldn't even bother with this game. There was a really funny commercial for it though on TV once, wherein this little kid mind tricks a bully. I wish I had the video clip...

Actually, the LEGO Star Wars demo really reminds me of this game (it's the same scene on the Trade Federation ship with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan that starts this game), with the main new thing being all the "coins" that you have to find everywhere.

Yeah, they made an Episode III game, but no Episode II game like this, that was a little bit odd.

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