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The click clock of Eboi's heels were loud in the corridor of a rebel Mon calarmi ship.
Wind looked up at his master as if asking something from him in his own way.
Eboi caught Wind's gaze and said "What is it, padawan?"
"Why." Was all that Wind said.
"Why what?" Eboi said back with his usual patience.
"Why do evil people do these bad things?" Wind said in his young tiny voice. The question made Eboi stop in his tracks.
"Well," Eboi told Wind. "A long time ago, before you were born, a bad man called Zion made a true point."
"What was it?" Wind said questioningly.
"Good and evil is just someone's opinion. To the other side of this battle, We are bad and they are good. But as rebels, We think we are good and they are bad."
"Yes." Eboi said, Smiling at his padawan. Wind questioned a lot, Which was unusual for someone his age. Most 7-year-olds thought that they were right about their guesses, And never consulted their parents or guardians.
"Something strong." Wind said.
"Yes, their are many sith and jedi in this battle." Eboi replied as he stepped out of an elevator and onto the bridge.
"Wow!" Said Wind when he saw the battle raging outside the ship. "Oh wow, If i was in that fight..."
Eboi sighed. He could never put down Wind's addiction to battle. "Are the shields fully functional Captain?" He asked someone at the controls.
"Yes sir." The man replied.
"Good." Eboi said to the man then turned to Wind: "I want you to stay here while I do somethings. While your watching the battle here, I want you to think of the pain that all these people are going through and that you could get hurt too."
"Ok." Wind said, Then rushed over to the window to watch more of the battle.
Eboi walked out of the bridge and to the elavator, setting it so it goes to the hangar floor.

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