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(lol no way my char is too busy. just kiddin ill come.)

Eboi got into the nearest starfighter and drove off into space.
"Computer" He said to his starfighter's databank computer. "Whats in ummm... that one?"
"Class 'E' Imperial Star destroyer. Taken Minimal damage and has recently taken a prisoner." The computer responded in her feminine tones.
"Whos th-"
He was cut off by blasterfire tearing his comm and booster apart. "Oh no way!" Eboi said. He was going to have to land at the star destroyer the computer was talking about.
His backup booster went out and Eboi had to use the force to make it go to the hangar. He crashed with a loud screech of metal against metal, sparks flying everywhere. He jumped out and ignited his llightsabre, taking two heads off and a hole through the chest of 3 imperial pilots. 10 more imperials where approaching. Twirling his lightsabre, he stabbed one and threw his lightsabre, taking down three. He force pushed 2 back into space through the hangar opening and blocked laser blasts off his lightsabre at the remaining imperials.
He ran through the hangar doors to the elavator, stopping only to destroy the auto-turret defense generator. He set the elavator for the prison cell floor.


Wind was watching the battle when suddenly the ship lurched. Wind held on to a support pole but the only ship operator in the bridge smashed his head against the controls, causing the ship to lurch down.
"Uh oh." Was all Wind could say then because he was struggling to maintain himself. The shields protecting the ship went down and it was open and helpless to all imperial attacks. "Time to get out of here."
Wind got into the elavator and set for the hangar. He was smashed around many times due to the ship being destroyed by imperial blasts. Wind was reliefed when he got to the hangar that some of the starfighters were still intact.
"Umm." Wind said. "I like that one." And ran off toward a blue X-wing.

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