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clan name: Destroyers of Peace =[)DP(]=
leader: [B]Dogg
co leader: Wr@th
fourm: on dp site
story: well doggy started dp about a year ago. we are from axis and allies rts we were one of the top two clans in that game and are now pwning the land ladder in this one.jk we are a cool group of guys we have a couple high schoolers but most of us are in our 20s and some in there 30s. we love to win but not at the cost of our honor. rumors are being spread among eaw that we are quiters but i call it exception errors. i know you all know what im talkin about. we welcome any guy willing to be the best, act like an adult, treat all people with respect and it would be nice if you had team speak. we also do sig design on our site as well. even if your in a rival clan we would be happy to make a sig for you.

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