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Niner hadn't expected the enemy to try to retake the command post, but he had planned for it. He had always been told to plan for everything, and while they were casually picking off droids, Alpha Squad had been planning.

Niner waved his two of his fingers towards the opening in which they had been sniping from. On his mark, Alpha Squad dove out the opening of the cave. They were plumeting towards the ground over two hundred feet below them. That is, until their pre-placed grappling hooks caught them mid-fall.

Niner gripped the wall and pulled out the remote detonator singal remote. He pointed to the ground and let go of the wall. As he dropped he pushed the button on the remote. Rocks flew out from the command post where the remote detonator had been placed almost as soon as they set up positions and from the entrance of the cave that was placed upon entering. This sealed up the opening and hopefully trapped the enemy inside.

Rocks scattered around them as Alpha Squad touched the ground. "Hold the reinforcements," Niner said in his long range comlink. "The command post is out of business." Then they ran for cover.
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